Bush Fire Support

bush fire support by australian clothing brand

Bush Fire Support

As the bush fires continue to impact our communities, URobach sends our best wishes on condolences.

The area in which our head office is located, Huskisson in Jervis Bay, has been impacted, and during the emotional roller coaster of fear, and anger, and anxiety, and relief at times…  the biggest emotional impact has been to see the support from the communities.

The level of professionalism and unrelenting grind from the RFS has been astounding.

The level of love from the community and the real human spirit that has shined through has been heart warming and reassuring.

Strangers have opened their doors to impacted families.

Rental properties have provided free accommodation.

Businesses have offered services.

Shops and individuals have provided food and supplies.

We’ve chipped in around our suburbs and helped to clean the gutters and gardens or elderly people, and now we want to do more.

To help where we can, URobach is offering free clothing to bush fire affected people on the south coast of NSW.

We have 100 items of URobach clothing to donate.

Anyone in need or who knows someone in need, please email Terry@Urobach.com with your contact details.

Drop off is available, and pick ups available from selected surf shops on the South Coast.  Email for details.


Stay safe people and keep up the love. xx


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