How to Handstand Tutorial With Lewy Finnegan

How to Handstand Tutorial With Lewy Finnegan

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Improve Function, Mobility and Strength With This How to Handstand Video

Want to improve:

  • Sport Performance?
  • General Function?
  • Shoulder Stability & Strength?
  • Balance and Coordination?

Advantages of Handstand Techniques

This ‘How to Handstand Tutorial’ presented by big wave bodyboarder, Lewy Finnegan, provides a step beginners guide to handstands and includes:

  • Benefits of handstands
  • Warm up techniques
  • Step by step guide to handstands
  • Beginner handstand techniques
  • How to progress your handstand ability

Improve Performance and Function for Sports Such as Surfing, Bodyboarding, BJJ, and MMA

Whatever your sport, whether it’s bodyboarding, surfing, BJJ, MMA, tennis, rugby… the list goes on.  This hand stand exercise technique can benefit all of these sports and more, as well as improving general function and coordination in those of us who aren’t elite athletes or big wave hell men or women.

The principles of this hand stand technique have advantages that transfer to so many movements in sport and day to day activities.

So if you’re looking to improve should stability, or improve shoulder strength for surfing, or reduce shoulder damage from impact sports… this hand stand technique can help.

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Learn How to Handstand

This handstand technique video is designed in away that beginners and intermediates will benefit and is broken into stages that include:

  • Correct warm up techniques to reduce risk of injury
  • Positioning against an object
  • Getting comfortable being upside down
  • Proper positioning and alignment during the handstand
  • Progressive techniques to gradually improve your ability


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