Mens T-Shirt- Straight Up Urobach


Mens T-Shirt- Straight Up Urobach



Mens T-Shirt featuring sleek grey on black screen printing.  Strong Urobach logo in vertical print.

All Urobach mens t-shirts are hand crafted using quality materials, with attention to the detail, and durable construction.


Heavy weight black cotton mens t-shirt.  Casual mens fit.

This Mens T-Shirt features sleek grey print on black cotton, using the Urobach logo in a vertical position.  Attention to detail, including contrasting neck tape and subtle side Urobach patches, give this Mens T-Shirt those extra touches of quality.

Urobach can proudly guarantee that our mens t-shirts, and all other products have been ethically produced.  It’s one of our pledges.

We can also proudly guarantee that our mens t-shirts are top quality.  That too, is one of our pledges.

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