Telo & Mentawai Islands Surf Trip

Telo & Mentawai Islands Surf Trip

Mick’s Tips For Surfing & Paddle Boarding The Telos & Mentawai Islands

The Telos Islands is a secluded group of mostly untouched islands off the coast of  Sumatra in Indonesia.  Renowned for its ‘user friendly’ waves the 51 islands which define the region are home to uncrowded secret waves and secluded beaches.

Urobach friend and supporter Mick Slattery recently went on a 10 day surf trip which consisted of 7 days surfing the Telos Islands and 3 days surfing Mentawais on Tengirri Surf Charters.

Mick is a surf and stand up paddle board shaper for Surefire Boards. He loves surfing and paddle boarding equally so on this surf trip Mick chose to take a range of boards consisting of 5 short boards (5’5″, 5’8″, 6″, 6’3″ & 6’6″) and a custom 7’11”  Vandal SUP. He started out paddle boarding the first half of the trip and then surfed the rest of the time mainly on his 5’8″ board.

The Telos region is a tamer version of Mentawais surf without the crowds and Mick was stoked to surf so many uncrowded breaks. There is a variety of lefts and rights, although the rights offer arguably better quality there. Due to its distance from Padang, charter boats are less frequent and resort surfers rarely travel far from their digs making the Telos an excellent choice if you are after uncrowded breaks.

Overall Mick and his crew ended up surfing 17 breaks in 10 days.  He had only surfed 3 of these breaks before so Mick was super stoked to surf somewhere new.  Mick wore his Urobach long sleeved Rash guard for most of the trip.  He loved that the rashie did not ride up due it’s secure waist grip technology. It was excellent sun protection and stopped him from getting any rashes.

Mick’s tips for those wanting to take a similar surf trip to the Telos and Mentawais is only take as many boards as you need. Maybe 1 for small days which you usually get a few, like a summer board or board with more volume, plus your standard day to day board and a step up for when it gets big.

He also recommends taking lots of sunscreen and zinc as you go through a lot and definitely wear a long sleeved rashie as the midday sun can be brutal. Also remember to drink plenty of water as it is easy to dehydrate.  Mick also suggests taking a foam roller to stretch your back and iron out all the knots at the end of each day as most people are not used to surfing 6 to 10 hours a day.

Mick really enjoyed this surf trip ad highly recommends surfing the Telos and Mentawai Islands. He particularly loved being on a boat as you could explore a huge area and go where the waves were best. He is back home shaping more boards but is already planning his next surf trip.

Bring it on!  We can’t wait to hear all about it.

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